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Add good cards to your deck (mtg proxy cards)

flying creature to take its place on the board. Compare that to Suntail
Hawk who is flying from the gate, but once it dies you have nothing to
automatically take its place. You would have to cast another creature (if
you had it in your hand.)

     When constructing a deck its best to think about which ability will
benefit you most. Sometimes you may find that two different cards have
powerful abilities, but one would actually work better for your deck.

    For example, let's say you're building a red and green deck and are
choosing between adding Striking Sliver or Elvish Mystic. Both creatures
cost one mana to cast and have a 1/1 power/toughness.

    Striking Silver has this added ability: silver creatures you control
have first strike (they deal combat damage before creatures without first
      Elvish Mystic has this added ability: tap it to add one green mana to
your mana pool.

     When comparing these two cards it may be hard to figure out which
one would work best in your deck because both have strong abilities.
However, if the deck you are constructing does not include a lot of silver
creatures, then it would be pointless to add Striking Silver to it. The ability
will not be utilized. If that is the case, then Elvish Mystic would provide a
greater advantage because it helps accelerate your mana pool and allows
you to cast more cards faster.

     Before adding a creature card to your deck you need to compare it to
other cards with the same mana cost. You may find that a card you once
considered is actually not the best choice for your deck based on its
“theme.” A topic we will cover in more detail in a later chapter.

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