Does the card affect many other cards? (maigc the gathering proxy mtg cards)

    Similar to the last tip. you want to have cards in your hand that have a
widespread effect. These cards are often ones that can be a real game
changer at the last minute when you othenvise thought you might lose.

    Killing Wave is a great example of this tip. Tliis card costs one black
mana plus X additional mana to cast. Its effect is this: for each creature, its
controller sacrifices it unless lie or she pays X life. It's a powerful card to
use to wipe out an opponent who has multiple creatures on the board.
     Another great example is Elvish Archdruid. This is a 2/2 creature that also gives all other elves you control +1/+1. It also has the ability to be tapped to add green mana to your pool for each elf you control. Talk about a widespread effect! 
      A final example is Downpour. This instant allows you to tap up to three target creatures. It s a great way to render your opponent's attacking phase useless at the last minute.     Compare Downpour to BlustersqualL which is also an instant but only allows you to tap one creature you don't control (unless you pay its overload cost. If you do then it taps all instances of "target" creature.) It's obvious which card is better. Tap target creature you don*t control. Overload 3 i (You may <asi this spell for its otvrload cost. If yg do、change iu text by replacing all i»istanc<$ of "largci" with \achr) }Xiathtr is niort prediaable than the Izzct.     So, find ways to incorporate cards that affect many other cards in the  game. It will do you a lot better than having just one off effect cards. 
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