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Hottest question:Why can’t I pay by PPL directly, after I clicked “checkout” ?
Re: Because we gotta talk to our clients by email first, then let them pay.
since some clients prefer credit card, debit card to pay,
some prefer Apple Pay, Google Pay,
some prefer PPL,
some prefer bank transfer, bitcoin, westerunion, etc.

1) What mtg cards you can do ? can you make hologram stamp new cards ? can you make foil cards?
Re: Literally,we can make all mtg cards. now our cards pool had been expanded to 2,300 cards.
And sure we can do holostamped,foil and holofoil cards,.

2) Do you have any HD scans/photos or videos to check how your cards looking ?
Re: Sure.You can check our video page
Or you can check our imgur HD photos album:

3) How to place my order ? I did not see any links to pay.
Re: Search the cards you want at our website, then checkout to get an order number.
Send this unpaid order number to rylease97@outlook.com
We will tell you how to pay by PPL/credit card/debit card/GPay/APay/bank transfer,etc.

4) Do you sell your preset lists only ? or I can build my own deck list?
Re: Both are supported.You can view our 13 premade lists at the link below:
And you can build your own list from our 2,163 cards pool.

5) What is your buyer protection policy ?
Re: If your package does not arrive, then we will give you a 100% refund.
If the card quality is not as described, then contact us. Either partial refund you and you keep the cards,
or return back the cards to get full refund. Either way, paypal buyer protection policy is the best in the world.

6) Can I check any customer reviews/feedback about your mtg cards ?
Re: Sure, almost every product page, has some customer feedbacks.

7) What is your cards quality level ? Do they pass any tests ? What material made?
Re: Our cards are FNM,LGS,EDH playable, and some are GP (Grand Prix) playable.
Made by German imported black core paper,mass produced by Heidelberg Printer.
Pass bend test, rip test, waterproof test. And no proxies can pass 100% light test.
Our cards pass about 80% light test !

8) Which countries do we ship to?
Re: We ship to all countries except China ( including HK )

9) When did you start to make mtg proxies ? Any company roadmap ?
Re: MTGproxycards Milestones:
Established on 2011.
White core cards rocked on ebay,etsy,shopify from 2011 to 2015.
ebay stores got shut by wotc on 2016, WSG Black core paper cards was born to earth.
Hologram/foil stamp cards are available from Sep 4th,2017

Foil cards and holofoil cards are ready from May 15th,2018
We expanded the “MP list Pool” from 192 to 495 different cards, since May 28th,2018
We was reported by Saffron Oilve from mtggoldfish on Aug 20th, 2018.
We expanded the “MP list Pool” from 495 to 664 different cards, since Feb 21th,2019
Unhinged foil lands, guru lands with bronze shining set symbol are ready since May 8th, 2019.
War of Sparks are ready since May 28th, 2019.
We expanded the “MP list Pool” from 664 to 696 different cards, since May 17th,2019
We expanded the “MP list Pool” from 696 to 714 different cards, since July 4th,2019
We expanded the “MP list Pool” from 714 to 842 different cards, since Aug 5th,2019
We expanded the “MP list Pool” from 842 to 973 different cards, since Oct 15th,2019
We expanded the “MP list Pool” from 973 to 1034 different cards, since Nov 19th,2019
We expanded the “MP list Pool” from 1034 to 1156 different cards, since Mar 15th,2020
We expanded the “MP list Pool” from 1156 to 1455 different cards, since Sep 12nd,2020
We expanded the “MP list Pool” from 1455 to 1721 different cards, since Jan 16th,2021
We expanded the “MP list Pool” from 1721 to 1925 different cards, since May 8th, 2021
We expanded the “MP list Pool” from 1925 to 2056 different cards, since Nov 21st, 2021
We expanded the “MP list Pool” from 2056 to 2163 different cards, since Mar 15th 2022

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