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how can I learn to play magic the gathering

Most important point first — use everything you can find.

1. friend

If you have a friend, who knows how to play magic the gathering, don’t waste it. Ask him. this is the most efficient way to learn.



2. try to play online

use official tool, to learn how to play.

this will help you save a lot of time.

check here


3. join online BBS

discuss with other players there. any questions, they will help you.

such as Trek BBS, MoxDiamond BBS, Wizard official website.

check here

4. board game club.

spend more time in your local board game club. there are always people playing MTG in board game club. watch and learn from actual tournament (combat), will help you a lot.



5. practice, practice, and practice

get a starter deck as early as possible. it’s ok to start with any deck. you can improve your deck step by step.


if you want to start with an ideal deck, contact us, we can offer you MTG proxies for starter. a full deck, plus few replacement. 81 cards, only 33usd free shipping. Any cards are available.

or you can make a proxy deck by your own, check how to make magic the gathering proxies

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