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How to Buy / How to place an order

Re: Mtgproxycards order instructions: 3 Steps

Step 1:
Search the cards you want at our website, add to carts one by one,

Step 2:
Click checkout, input shipping address

Step 3:
Shoot email to rylease97@outlook.com to receive “how to pay” instructions. 
Support PPL / Apple pay / Credit card / Google Pay / debit card / bank/wire transfer / bitcoin / western union. 

Sweet tips: there’s no direct paypal payment routine. Don’t pay it randomly to the wrong accounts. 
rylease97@outlook.com this is just our customer service email, not any payment accounts !
We will reply your email as soon as possible !

You might find that some cards has no photos showing there, that’s because we’re upgrading our website, improving the structure, individual photos will be uploaded / sync up gradually every week.

Any other questions, please shoot email to rylease97@outlook.com

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