The 25 Best Commanders In MTG LOTR Tales of Middle-earth – 14. Shagrat, Loot Bearer

Being able to freely equip your Commander is potentially very scary for your opponents. Shagrat, Loot Bearer can easily tote around a Colossus Hammer or an Argentum Armor, but that’s just the beginning. Cheating your own costs is slick, true enough, but close readers will notice that Shagrat only says “target equipment.” Not just equipment you own.

If your local meta has any kind of equipment voltron presence, Shagrat can be a disruptive force, swinging in to temporarily steal an opposing piece of gear for fun and profit. True, the opposing player still controls it (so can re-equip it elsewhere on their turn), but there is something deeply satisfying about beating someone over the head with their own weapons. And that’s not including all kinds of Bludgeon Brawl shenanigans.

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