Top 10 Best Izzet Commanders in MTG – 6. Galazeth Prismari

It’s odd to think of a “Treasure” commander deck, but that’s probably the best way to describe Galazeth Prismari decks. Galazeth allows you to get so much more out of your Treasure tokens by turning them, essentially, into Moxen, so when you cast a card like Unexpected Windfall you are so far ahead it’s ridiculous. There are so many excellent ways to generate Treasure, too: Storm-Kiln Artist, Xorn, Dockside Extortionist – and it doesn’t stop there. Galazeth turns all your artifacts into Moxen, including Clues from Trail of Evidence, Soldiers from Third Path Iconoclast and everything from Academy Manufactor. You are going to end up with a lot of mana at your disposal!

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