Top 10 Best Showcase Frames in Magic The Gathering – #1 Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Module

Without a doubt, however, the cleverest, most innovative, and best-executed showcase is the Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Dungeon Model Showcase Frames. I am on record as someone who doesn’t really like it when Magic cards don’t look like Magic cards, and I stand by that sentiment — except when it comes to these nine lands displayed in this treatment. Everything about them is perfect — the art, the typefaces, the card names, and they really do look like they could be old D&D modules from the 1980s. The best of the lot is Brian Snoddy’s Evolving Wilds, which is so excellent it makes me want to write and run an introductory D&D module based on this card alone! I love Magic, and I love D&D, and these Showcase Frames represent an absolutely exquisitely-executed combination of the two.

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