Top 10 Best Showcase Frames in Magic The Gathering – #4 Dungeons & Dragons Rulebook Showcase

I begun playing Dungeons & Dragons during the era of Edition 3.5, but if I wasn’t around for the time of the original illustrations in older editions, I still have nothing but respect for the classics. Seeing iconic D&D monsters on Magic cards in their original style is absolutely spectacular. The illustrations from Adventure in the Forgotten Realms and Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate are so simple, like Diesel’s Dire Wolf Prowler, but this is what these monsters looked like back in the olden days of Dungeons and Dragons! It’s also terrific that Wizards brought back old D&D illustrators like Jeff Dee and Russ Nicholson, whose art was part of the defining period of old pen-and-paper roleplaying games — before they became, you know, cool.

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