Top 10 Most Expensive MTG Cards in Mercadian Masques – 1. Rishadan Port

Believe it or not, Rishadan Port used to cost $120, because it was a four-of in Legacy Death and Taxes, and back in the mid 2010s, D&T was a tier-one deck. People were crying out for a Rishadan Port reprint, but it took until 2018 for us to get a proper one, in Masters 25. That kicked off a slow but steady decline in price, and now the original Mercadian Masques version isn’t even $45, while the Masters 25 version isn’t even $10. I don’t know how many Legacy players are upset about this, though: even if they spent $400 on their playsets, most Legacy players I know are just happy to have more people playing Legacy, and reprints like this make the game more accessible. Being able to pick up a playset for $40, not $400, means more players are likely to give Legacy a shot, so I know I’m not alone in wanting as many reprints of old cards like Rishadan Port as possible.

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