Top 10 Most Expensive MTG Cards in Mercadian Masques – 4. Unmask

Free spells are really good. Even a cursory overview of the most powerful cards ever printed will reveal a ton of them cost zero mana, from Gitaxian Probe to Force of Will to power cards like the Moxen and Black Lotus. Unmask might not be on quite the same level, but a manaless Thoughtseize is a very attractive proposition for decks like Legacy Reanimator, a deck that needs efficient ways to clear the way for its reanimation combo. This card is such an important part of that deck that it even plays Agadeem’s Awakening as a land that can be pitched to Unmask (and, I suppose, reanimate Griselbrand for 11 mana). Unmask doesn’t see much play outside Legacy, but demand for it in Reanimator alone is enough to keep it at almost $16 a copy.

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