Top 10 Most Overrated Cards in Commander MTG – 1. Sol Ring

I don’t think Sol Ring is overrated because it isn’t powerful. It is, enormously so. I think it’s overrated because you will put it in your deck hoping to have a more enjoyable time playing Commander with your friends, when in reality, the opposite will happen. I firmly believe that Sol Ring is bad for the format, for a multitude of reasons – it eats up one of your deck slots before you’ve even started designing the deck properly, it completely ruins a game when played on turn one by turning it into a three-on-one, and overall is just this weird, random factor in games where if someone has it in their opening hand then suddenly the table is playing a completely different game. I think Sol Ring is overrated not in terms of power but in terms of fun, and I have never played it in any of my EDH decks and probably never will. They’ll never ban it, but I recommend you and your playgroup try house-banning it, and notice the difference in the quality of your games, overall, because no-one is spiking Sol Ring on turn one and running away with things.

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