Top 10 Most Overrated Cards in Commander MTG – 10. Phyrexian Arena

Commander is full of staples, widely-played fan-favorites or cards that “everyone knows” are good. But how good are they, actually? There is a fair bit of distance between how good people tell you these cards are and how good they actually are. Today, we’re going to go through 10 cards that I personally believe are overrated – people think too much of them, for all sorts of different reasons. Maybe they’re good in competitive formats, maybe they seem really efficient, maybe people play them because “that’s just what you do.” Whatever the reason, we’re about to dispel some of the hype around some Commander favorites.

  1. Phyrexian Arena
    I don’t want to come at Phyrexian Arena too hard. I like this card a lot, and over the years it has helped me draw a lot of cards (and lost me a lot of life). I’m not about to take it out of my black decks, because I do like the card, but I also think that it isn’t really as good as people say it is. I like playing it in my slow, casual life gain and politics decks, but if you’re actually looking for sources of black card advantage, there are much better options. Sign in Blood and Ancient Craving, for instance, or Painful Truths in a three-color deck – these cards offer more immediate bang for your buck, and if you can recur them somehow, you’re in business. Part of me even feels like Greed is better than Phyrexian Arena, given it can offer you as many cards as you can afford rather than just one a turn, but maybe that’s a bridge too far.

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