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Price Details of mtg proxy cards

Nonfoil nonholo lists A/B/C/D/E,
cost $39 per list/set (it’s one each, not 4 each)
Hologram lists H1S/H2S/H3S, cost $55 per list/set.
Foil lists F1S/F2S/F3S, cost $75 per list/set.
Mixed lists M1S/M2S, cost $75 per list/set

for our 13 pre-made list ABCDE/ H1S/H2S/H3S/ F1S/F2S/F3S/M1S/M2S lists/sets details,
you could view/download at this link:
13 Preset lists details

and for customized list / buyer’s own list,
cost $2.5 / $3.5 / $4.5 each depends on regular/holo/foil

1. If you buy over 100pcs single cards, instead of preset list,
email mtgproxycards@outlook.com to get some discounts.
2. When you want to buy 10 preset lists/sets or more,
email seller service mtgproxycards@outlook.comm to get some discounts.

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