8TH EDITION Expansion Symbol: (Proxy mtg cards)

Release Date: 7/28/03
Set Size: 350 Cards (110 Rares, 110 Uncommons, 110 Commons, 20 Basic
Additional Cards: (7 Starter Deck Cards: Eager Cadet, Enormous

Baloth, Giant Octopus, Sea Eagle, Silverback Ape, Vengeance, Vizzerdrix)

Expansion Symbol:


Expansion Code: 8ED
Languages: Cliinese-S, Chinese-T, English, French, German, Italian,

Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish
  Set overview: 8th Edition is the weakest of the Core sets, and there

aren't many desirable cards from it. The most memorable part of the set is
 6th Edition Basic Land CARD            Price Forest (#34 刀   S0.25 Forest (#348)   S0.25 Forest (#349)   S0.25 Forest (#350)   S0.25 Island (#335)   S0.25 Island (#336)   S0.25 Island (#33 刀   S0.25 Island (#338)   S0.25 Mountain (#343) S0.25 Mountain (#344) S0.25 Mountain (#345) S0.25 Mountain (#346) S0.25 Plains (#331)   S0.25 Plains (#332)   S0.25 Plains (#333)   S0.25 Plains (#334)   S0.25 Swamp (#339)    S0.25 Swamp (#340)    S0.25 Swamp (#341)    S0.25 Swamp (#342)    S0.25                 7TH EDITION             Release Date: 4/11/01         Set Size: 350 Cards (110 Rares, 110 Uncommons, 110 Commons, 20 Basic         Lands)             Expansion Symbol:             Expansion Code: 7ED         Languages: Chinese-S, Chinese-T, English, French, German, Italian,         Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish         Set overview: 7th Edition was the first set to feature foil cards (more on this in the Urza's Legacy section). Given that core sets are under- produced compared to expansion sets (since they are reprint sets), the 7th Edition foil set is considered one of the rarest foil sets to come out of Booster packs. Birds of Paradise is the liighest-dollar foil from this set. 7th Edition Rare Card                    Non-Foil Foil Abyssal Horror          S0.50    S4   Adarkar Wastes          ■S5      S100 Aladdin's Ring          S0.50    S10  Ancestral Memories      S0.50    S38  Ancient Silverback      S0.50    S4   Archivist               S0.50    S6   Beast of Burden         S0.50    S4   Bedlam                  S0.50    $20  Bellowing Fiend         S0.50    S3   Benthic Behemoth        S0.50    S5   Birds of Paradise       S10      S600 Blessed Reversal        S0.50    S4   Bloodshot Cyclops       S0.50    S5   Brushland               S7       S150 City of Brass           S10      S150 Coat of Arms            S9       S150 Crimson Hellkite        S0.50    S20  Daring Apprentice       S0.50    $10  Darkest Hour            S2       S40  Deflection              SO.5O    S4   Delusions of Mediocrity SO.5O    S5   Dingus Egg              SO.5O    $10  Disrupting Scepter      SO.5O    S4   Dregs of Sorrow         SO.5O    $10  Early Harvest           SO.75    S15  Earthquake              SO.75    $20  Eastern Paladin         SO.5O    S7   Elder Druid             SO.5O    S4   Elite Archers           SO.5O    S3   

 the fact that 8th Edition celebrated the 10th Aimiversaiy of Magic by including at least one card from eveiy expansion set printed up until this point. 8th Ed辻ion Rare Card                   Non-Foil Foil  Aladdin's Ring         S0.50    S2    Archivist              S0.50    S2.5O Avatar of Hope         S0.75    §4    Balance of Power       S0.50    S2    Beast of Burden        S0.50    S2    Birds of Paradise      S10      S100  Blessed Reversal       S0.50    S2    Blinding Angel         S3       S10   Blood Moon             S30      S130  Bloodshot Cyclops      S0.50    S3    Brass Herald           S0.50    S3    Bribery                S23      S35   Call of the Wild       S0.50    S4    City of Brass          S9       S60   Coastal Piracy         S5       S13   Coat of Arms           S8       S12   Collective Unconscious S0.50    S4    Cowardice              S0.50    S2    Daring Apprentice      S0.50    S2    Death Pit Offering     S0.50    S2    Death Pits of Rath     S0.50    S4    Defense Grid           S12      S30   Deflection             S0.50    S2    Dingus Egg             S0.50    S2    Disrupting Scepter     S0.50    S2    Distorting Lens        S0.50    S3    Eastern Paladin        S0.50    S2    Elite Archers          S0.50    S2    Elvish Champion        S8       S6    Elvish Piper           S6       S12   Emperor Crocodile   S0.50 S2   Ensnaring Bridge    S45   S15O Evacuation          S1.50 S9   Fallen Angel        S0.50 S6   Fleeting Image      S0.50 S2   Flying Carpet       S0.50 S2   Fungusaur           S0.50 S2   Furnace of Rath     S1.50 ■S5  Gaea's Herald       S0.75 •S5  Glorious Anthem     Si    §5   Goblin King         S2.50 S10  Grave Pact          S20   S120 Hammer of Bogardan  S0.50 S2   Howling Mine        S3.5O S9   Inferno             S0.50 S3   Intrepid Hero       Si    S3   Intruder Alarm      S8    S50  Ivory- Mask         S0.75 S4   Jayemdae Tome       S0.50 $2   Larceny             S0.50 S2   Lava Hounds         S0.50 S2   Lhurgoyf            S0.50 S3   Lord of the Undead  S13   S20  Mahamoti Djinn      S0.50 S2   Mana Clash          S0.50 S2   Maro                S0.50 S2   Master Healer       S0.50 S2   blight of Oaks      S0.50 S2   Millstone           S0.50 S2   Mind Bend           S0.50 S2   Mogg Sentry         S0.50 S2   Murderous Betrayal  S0.50 S2   Natural Affinity    S0.50 S4   Nightmare           S0.50 S2   Noble Purpose       S0.50 S3   Obliterate          S3    S12  Okk                 S0.50 S2   Oracle's Attendants S0.50 S2   Persecute           S0.75 •S5  Phyrexian Arena     S8.50 S45  
 The 8th Edition cards were the first ones to get a new look and more modern frame, as illustrated on Bribery, Rare, $35 foil; $23 non-foil・ The New Card Frame The look of Magic cards hadn't much changed in the first decade of the game. In 2003, WOTC revamped the Magic Card frame to give it a more modern look. The key points:   • Easier to read card name   • Larger/more pronounced Power/Toughness box   • More readable copyright line   • General changes to the color of the card frames This new frame would be the Standard for Magic cards until Magic Core Set 2015. This also marks the start of the Modern card format card legality. All regular-release sets from this point forward are legal in Modern (but not things like Box sets or Duel Decks). 

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