A Brief History of Magic (mtg proxy cards magic the gathering proxy mtg)

    Since its inception by mathematics professor Richard
Garfield in 1993, Magic: The Gathering lias been an ever-
evohdng product. Garfield s idea of a collectible card game
sparked the interest of the role-pla\dng game publisher
Wizards of tlie Coast・ Garfield worked with the company to
develop a game that people could play whenever they liked,
even when they were 011-tlie-go.
    With an average of four sets of cards printed eveiy year, Magic: The
Gathering has had a total of 68 unique sets of cards. Many of these sets
introduced new game mechanics as well as deep, involved stoiylines rich
with characters and drama. These enhancements allow players to access a
constantly changing pool of cards to build into their decks and even allow
different formats of play to evolve.
    Since 1996, Wizards of the Coast has sponsored a professional tour for
competitive Magic: The Gathering. If you can beat the competition, top
prizes pay out up to $40,000 per event! These events span the globe and
allow players around the world to not only participate, but to travel to
exotic locations to see old friends and compete in tlieir favorite game.

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