A few game play tips worth mentioning (magic the gathering mtg proxy mtg cards magic)

     Draw cards create an advantage

     When you begin to get serious about deck building you may dismiss
cards that allow you to draw extra cards. You may think, “What's the
point? I d rather have a more powerful spell in my arsenal/* While many
times that can be true, it's also important to point out this fact: eveiy time
you can draw an extra card it puts you in a better advantage.

     In the game of Magic, each person can only draw one card per turn
unless they cast a draw spell. That means, the more cards you can draw at
one time it's essentially like you are gaining an extra turn. And, with each
new card you can put into your hand the better advantage you can have.

     When building your deck see if there are ways to add in some drawing
card spells. It may be just the tiling you need to speed up your strategy to
win the game.

   Make the most use of your mana each turn game. Without it we*re doomed. However, you may not realize this but it's actually to your advantage to tiy and use your mana each turn. Mana that just sits there untapped, is really just a waste of your mana pool and a waste of a turn.     Unless you're saving an instant or flash abiliK card to cast on your opponent's turn you should tiy to use up your mana each round. Don*t hold back casting a creature or spell in order to tiy and bluff your opponent into thinking that you are saving the mana for some big instant effect. It s not worth it. If you don t have such a card in your hand, go ahead and use up your mana.     This concept may seem a little radical at first because you may want to hold back cards in your hand. But, unless you're playing with a control deck it's to your advantage to make the most use of your mana and cast cards quickly to wdn the game. 

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