Can the card be effective in multiple situations? (mtg proxy cards)

    A card that can be used in multiple situations and against a wide
variety^ of decks is always desirable to have. It's important to try and
include such versatile cards in your deck because you can pretty much
always play them.

    For example, Rain of Thorns is a sorceiy card that allows you to
choose one or more options 一 destroy target artifact; destroy target
enchantment and/or destroy target land. Just think of how powerful that
card could be in your deck.
     Another similar example is Demolish, a sorceiy card that allows you to destroy target artifact or land. Depending on which option would cripple your opponent the most would determine which way you should play the card. Destroy target artifact or land. ^Pound lhe Ucd until it fiu. Doan 7 tcvrk? Bash to bid.'' —gam forging iOfig An even better example of a type of card that is effective in multiple situations is a split card. Split cards have two faces with two different abilities, but you are restricted to only casting one. These cards are very powerful to have in your deck because of this feature. 
       Take Fire//Ice as an example. Fire is an instant that deals 2 damage divided as you choose among one or two target creatures and/or players. Ice is an instant that allows you to tap a target permanent and draw a card. This card is amazing because it really has four abilities: it can act as creature removal, direct damage to opponent, tap a crucial permanent and improve your hand by drawing an extra card.      Far // Away is another great versatile card. It also has fuse ability*, which allows you to cast one or both halves of the card. Far is an instant that returns a target creature to its owner's hand. Away is an instant that forces target player to sacrifice a creature.     Far can be used to save one of your own creatures from getting destroyed by returning it to your hand or be used to return an opponent s attacking creature to their hand, causing him to recast it. It's always a great card to return a creature with multiple enchantments on your opponent's hand while sending the enchantments to the graveyard. Away is a great way to force vour opponent to sacrifice an important creature he or she controls. The opportunities with this card can be endless.      So, look for cards to add to your deck that can be used in many situations. You'll find that they give you a greater advantage against a varied of threats. 

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