HOMELANDS (magic the gathering proxies)

Release Date: 10/13/95

Set Size: 140 Cards (43 Raves, 46 Uncommons, 51 Commons)

Expansion Symbol:

Expansion Code: HML
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  Set ovei^ievv: While Fallen Empires was overproduced and under-
received, it did have a number of powerful tournament cards in the
Common slot, but Homelands is long considered the worst Magic set ever
printed. Unexciting, underpowered, and lacking in cohesive flavor — this
was the low point for Magic sets. Thankfully, things only improved from
 WHITE-BORDERED CORE SETS 5TH EDITION Release Date: 3/24/97 Set Size: 449 Cards (132 Raves, 132 Uncommons, 156 Commons, 20 Basic Lands) Expansion Symbol: [No expansion symbol; 1997 copyright] Expansion Code: 5ED Languages: Chinese 一 S; Chinese - T, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish  Set overview: Once Wizards of the Coast decided not to do a set like Chronicles again, it stuffed all of the cards it wanted to reprint into one huge set. At 449 cards, 5th Edition is (still) the largest booster-pack set ever printed.  This is the first core set printed in Chinese-S. Instead of printing the cards in Black Border, Wizards of the Coast instead added a “V" expansion symbol (for 5th edition) to that language's expansion symbol. Chinese-S cards (also known as “V” Chinese) are worth approximately 10 times to 20 times the English versions of the cards. 

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