-How to Start Playing (magic the gathering proxy cards)

   The first tiling you need to have to begin your journey as a
Planeswalker is cards that you can play with. Magic is offered as several
different products to help players of all levels collect the cards they need.
Magic cards card in:
  •    Single 15 card booster packs.
  •    Fat packs with 9 Booster packs and some extra lands.
  •    A box with 32 individual packs.
         One of best ways for a brand-new player to start is with an Intro Deck. These are specially designed so that you can play out-of-the box and have fewer rules to learn than a random booster from a newly released set. They also come with the lands you will need to play spells, which is important as you begin to build your collection. This is typically the best option as it offers an easy, inexpensive way for each player to access a deck 
        If you've already found a locally established hobby store or play group, a better choice for you may be an event deck. Similar to an intro deck, these are designed to be playable right out-of-tlie box. The difference is that the power level on the cards and how they work together is a bit more complex. This will, however, allow you to play with others who have more powerful collections without becoming frustrated by feeling like you can't compete.        Once you have your cards, the only other supplies you need are counters and a way to record life totals. Many spells create unusual effects that require you to keep track of things, so counters (ranging from coins to dice and even slips of paper) are important. It is also critical to record all changes in life totals to ensure fair play. This can. of course, be done with pencil and paper, but there are even smart phone apps that will take care of this for you. 

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