How to Take Turns

The first thing to do at the start the game is to decide who goes first.
 This is handled by rolling a die. The highest roller will start the game
 first. Both players will then draw their opening hand of seven cards to
 begin the game with.
 There are several parts to each turn, which in Magic are called
 “phases". The phases are as follows:
 Beginning Phase.
 First Main Phase.
 Combat Phase.
 Second Main Phase.
 Ending Phase.
 Each phase is then broken up into smaller sub-categories as well.
         Beginning Phase
 The first part of eveiy turn, the beginning phase, will basically set
 the stage for eventhing that happens during the rest of the turn. If you
 recall earlier, you briefly learned about how you tap cards (turn them
 sideways) to show they have been used for the turn. The beginning phase
 is broken down into three steps: 
 Untap previously tapped permanents.
 Draw a New Card.
     Step 1: Untap Pre\dously Tapped Permanents
 At the beginning of each of your turns, you will untap all previously
 tapped permanents. Tliis is important because it allows vour resources to
 be reused on subsequent turns. All lands tapped for mana, creatures that
 survived combat, and artifacts with a tap cost in their abilities will be
 affected here along with any other effects that caused a permanent to be
     Step 2: Upkeep
 The second part of the beginning phase is called upkeep. Specific
 cards will tell you if they require an action during your upkeep phase. If
 none of your permanents have an upkeep cost, you don't have to do
 anything during this part of your turn. Your opponent has a chance to case
 instant spells or activate abilities before your turn progresses.
 Step 3: Draw a New Card
 Finally, your beginning phase will end as you draw a new card for the
 turn. Drawing a card eveiy turn keeps restocking your hand with new
 spells and is mandatoiy. If you don't have any cards left in your libraiy
 and you reach the draw step of your turn, you automatically lose the
 game! At the end of your draw step, your opponent may react by casting
 instant spells or activating abilities. 
 First Main Phase
 The main phase will allow you to add to your resources on
 the battlefield・ It is during this phase that you are allowed to
 play lands from your hand to give you access to increased
 mana. Remember, you may only play one land per turn. You
 can then use your lands to cast sorcery spells, creatures,
 enchantments, artifacts, or Planeswalkers・ Your opponent
 may, of course, respond to any spells you cast with their own
 instant speed spells or abilities.

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