Ixalan Air Elemental (Mtg proxy magic proxy cards)

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  Scarcity・ This is not to be confused with Rarity, which is usually used
to denote how frequently a card shows up in a Booster pack (more on this
in the next section). The print run on certain cards is much lower than on
other cards. There are only around 1,100 copies of each individual Alpha
Rare, minus any that have been lost to time. A Rare from a current set,
such as Ainonkhet, might have a print run in the millions.
  The best example I can use here is The Scarab God from Hour of
Devastation. All three versions of this card can be pulled from an Hour of
Devastation booster pack. So why the price difference? The first version,
non-foil, appears about once every 80 packs. The second version, foil,
appears once eveiy 2,880 packs. The third version, Masterpiece Series,
shows up once eveiy 3,456 packs. So, essentially, the price difference
between the three is dictated mostly by the scarcity of the particular
printing of a card.
  Condition・ Since Magic cards are generally played, they tend to end up
with wear-and-tear. The amount and type of wear on a card will reduce the
value of anv individual card. More information to help vou identify the
wear on your card, and explain how it affects the value of your card, is on
P・ 15-

Minor Factors
  1. Ai'twork. Some versions of cards simply have artwork that players
    prefer over other versions of those cards. This is most applicable to  Basic Lands (Forest, Island, Mountain, Plains, and Swamp). Since you   can play an unlimited number of these cards in your deck, many   players try to find matching pictures of any given Land, and find ones   that have artwork that is most aesthetically pleasing. 2. Foiling. Foil cards tend to pull a premium over non-foil versions. This   is affected by scarcity - so a non-foil version from a less-printed set   might have a higher value than a foil version from a more-printed set.   Overall, though, if a card is printed in the same set with both a foil   and a non-foil version, the foil version will be worth more. 

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