MIRAGE BLOCK (mtg proxy cards magic proxies)



Release Date: 10/7/96
Set Size: 350 Cards (110 Rares, 110 Uncommons, 110 Commons, 20 Basic


Expansion Symbol: •

Expansion Code: MIR
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese,
  Set overview: Mirage Block is considered the first milestone of long-
term set design by Wizards of the Coast. Magic releases moved to a yearly
schedule, based around three-set blocks and a supplemental product
(usually a Core set). The largest of the three sets — the one to introduce
the themes and mechanics for the block — came out in the fall; the middle

set and third set in the winter and spring.
  Memorable cards include Lion's Eye Diamond, and the three Tutors in
White, Blue, and Green.
 WEATHERLIGHT Release Date: 6/9/97 Set Size: 167 Cards (50 Rares, 55 Uncommons, 62 Commons) Expansion Symbol: Expansion Code: WTH Languages: Chinese-T, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish   Set overview: Weatherlight was the third set in the Mirage block, but 让 was significant for another reason: It was the first stoiy-driven set for the Weatherlight Saga, a years-long stoiyline pitting the crew of the Skyship Weatherlight against the evil Phyrexians. The Weatherlight Saga stoiy would be featured in every Magic block and set from here until Apocalypse, making it the start of a 13・set extravaganza!   Key cards include Null Rod, Lotus Vale and Scorched Ruins. 

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