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Optimal deck size

     As a Magic the Gathering player, you've undoubtedly wondered how
many cards you should play with in your deck. You've probably questioned
if you should stick to the minimum standard of 60 cards or would it be
better to throw in a few more cmcial cards to the game and go up to 65, 70
or more cards in your deck.

     While it may be tempting to cram in as many cards as you can into
your deck, the general consensus among pro players is to keep it as close
to 60 card as possible. In fact, 60 cards in a deck is really the most optimal
stmtegy for the game.

    Here's why...

     It really breaks down to simple math. The more you go past 60 cards,
the less chance you'll have to draw a particular card from your deck. That's
because Magic the Gathering restricts you to only including four copies of
any one non-basic land card. The further you go past 60 cards, the less
chance you have of seeing a certain card.

     Here's a more thorough explanation. Imagine you are playing with
four Dispels, an instant allows you to counter a target spell.

     In a 60 card deck, Dispel would be one out of eveiy 15 cards (60 三 4 = 15)・ In a 70 card deck, Dispel would be one out of every 18 cards (70 4- 4 = 17・5)・ I11 an 80 card deck, Dispel would be one out of eveiy 20 cards (80 4- 4 = 20). In a 100 card deck, Dispel would be one out of every 25 cards (100 4- 4 = 25)・     As you can see the more cards you put into your deck the less chance you have of pulling that card. In a 60 card deck, you have the best odds of pulling Dispel before the game ends. However, it's not guaranteed that you will pull that card, but your chances of drawing it are a lot better than if you cram in 100 cards.     When constructing your deck try as hard as you can to keep it to 60 cards. If you have to go to 61 or 62 it's not the end of the world. But remember, those one or two extra cards may reduce your chance of drawing a crucial card you need to win the game. So make sure that they really count. 

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