Second Main Phase (mtg proxy cards proxy mtg magic the gathering proxies)

When the smoke clears after combat, you will have a second
    opportunity to reinforce your side of the battlefield. The second
    main phase allows you another opportunity⁷ to play your one land
    for the turn and any permanents you have mana to pay for.

    Since so much can happen in combat, most good players will
    advise you to play spells during your second main phase as much
    as possible. A good rule of thumb is that unless it will help you in
    combat, wait until the second main phase.

    This is a good tiling to lean early in your Magic career because it
    helps promote the right kind of thinking. Playing this way will

    limit the amount of information your opponent lias about what
   you have available to you in combat and can lead to them making
   mistakes. Also, your needs may change based on what happens
   in combat, so you can play optimally if you have more
   information at your disposal. Remember, information is power!

                End Phase

    Appropriately named, the end phase marks the end of
   eveiy turn・ The end phase is your opponents' last time
   to play instants or activate abilities before they start
   their own tum. It is also when all **end of turn** effects
   end (like the Giant Growth from before) and all non・
   lethal damage is removed from creatures・
    You will also need to check how many cards you have in your
   hand. Unless stated by an effect on a card, your hand has a
   maximum size of seven cards. If vou have more than seven cards
    in hand at the end of your turn, you must discard from your hand
   until you are down to seven.
    Once that is done, your turn is over. Play then passes to your
   opponent who begins by untapping all of their permanents and
   following the phases as outlined above. You will continue this
   way, taking turns until one player s life total is reduced to zero or
   one of you runs out of cards in your libraiy. Then the game is
   over and it*s time to reshuffle and play again!

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