The 25 Best Commanders In MTG LOTR Tales of Middle-earth – 12. Fangorn, Tree Shepherd

Banking mana is good, and supporting treefolk is interesting. Generally speaking, it’s a bit hard to recommend a Treefolk Commander that isn’t Doran, the Siege Tower or even Colfenor, the Last Yew. However, Fangorn empowers the most common treefolk (who are predominantly in Green, surprising no one), and does so with a ramping package that’s a bit more unique.

Omnath, Locus of Mana, comparatively, can help get big threats out early. Fangorn, Tree Shepherd unfortunately is already a seven mana creature. You’ve done a lot of ramping already to get there, which means you may have some better things to be doing. However, if you want to combine big green strategies with treefolk (say juicing a giant Verdeloth Ancient) you’ll find none better, and this creature-focused variant on late-game beats is genuinely too fun to ignore.

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