The 25 Best Commanders In MTG LOTR Tales of Middle-earth – 22. Legolas, Master Archer

Legolas, Master Archer is one of only archers in magic that really feels like it captures the flavor. He grows in power when you equip him with whatever powers you have on hand, then he can use your offensive magic to help him line up a shot. The only real problem is you have to have some combination of spells with that flexible targeting, and you want to draw into them.

Mono-Green isn’t exactly spectacular when it comes to spellslinging, and while there are some cool things you can do, getting to where you can both power up Legolas and still have cards worth helping him take aim becomes a growing question mark. It’s far from impossible, mind you, and the payoff is real if you can get there, but I don’t want to work that hard myself.

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