The 25 Best Commanders In MTG LOTR Tales of Middle-earth – 25. Faramir, Prince of Ithilien

Typically, I’m down on cards that require politics to play. Putting the decision in the opponent’s court is rarely a great feeling, so in many scenarios you’ll very often get whichever effect is worse for you. However, both effects are good. Not just good, but potentially great, as many opponents won’t really want to hand you stacks of tokens.

That means Faramir, Prince of Ithilien is a 3/3 that draws you a card every turn a lot of the time, and sometimes will be an army in a can. That said, I would very much prefer to reliably get one or the other of those effects, and again would rather not be giving the opposition choice in the matter. On the other hand, if politics is your thing, and you feel like you can regularly get whichever effect you want, then Faramir becomes quite impressive indeed.

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