The Concept (mtg proxy cards)

      Eveiy game of Magic is designed to represent a battle between two
or more opposingPlanes walkers´╝Ť* Planeswalkers are powerful magicians
with the ability to make bonds with the lands they have visited and use the
magical energy found in those lands to cast spells. The goal of the game is
to defeat the opposing Planeswalkers by using the spells you have
      Each player in a game of Magic begins the game with 20 life points. The most common way to achieve victoiy is to reduce the opposing players life points to zero. You can do this by using summoned creatures to attack your opponent or by using spells that target other players and deal damage. There are also other less common routes to victoiy. 
       At eveiy turn, a player must draw a new card from their libraiy (their deck of cards). If unable to do so, that player loses the game. With the addition of newer sets, you can also gain a win by poisoning your opponent. Poison is dealt like normal damage by special creatures and spells, but you only need to deal 10 points of poison damage to kill your opponent! 

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