The Others (maigc the gathering proxy mtg cards)

   The other t)pes of permanents are not nearly as complicated.
Ai'tifacts are powerful relics created by Planeswalkers to contain and use
magical energy. Unlike creatures, these can generally be used the same
turn that they are played, assuming you have the mana to do so. Tlieir
uses are varied and vast, so experimenting to find the best way to augment
your strategy is essential!
     Enchantments are long-lasting effects that generally help you turn the tide of battle by either hindering vour opponent or boosting your own creatures. There are two types of enchantments: Those that go directly onto the battlefield and affect the entire board and those that attach to a specific creature. The latter are known as Auras and can be beneficial to your own forces or catastrophic for your opponents*. 
        Another veiy powerful type of card is the Planeswalker. These cards allow you to bring forth other sorcerers as allies to assist you in your quest for victory. Instead of toughness like creatures, Planeswalkers measure their strength in loyalty. This shows how billing they are to stand by your cause.      Each Planeswalker you summon has a starting loyalty* printed in the bottom-right, where you would find a creature's power and toughness. They then have abilities that allow you to either gain or lose loyalty based on your needs. When their loyalty is used up, the mage will abandon you to your own devices and be placed in the graveyard. 
     Planeswalker's abilities may only be used at sorceiy speed and they may be attacked or targeted by your opponent. You may use your creatures and spells to protect your allies in the same way you would use them to protect yourself. 

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