The Rules (magic the gathering proxy cards)

 Once you have gathered the necessaiy supplies and found a friend
with a deck, you both need to understand the mechanics of the game.
There are many rules in Magic: The Gathering, but the most important
one to learn first is that the cards trump all rules. If there is a rule that
would be broken by the text on a card, the card will always win!
So, what are the rules? As you already know, you will begin the game with 20 life points. The only other thing you will have at the beginning of the game will be your deck. Your deck represents your knowledge—all the lands you've visited and the spells you've learned, although (technically) your deck can include your entire collection as long as you can shuffle it. Just say for now you have a 60 card Intro or Event Deck. This is what you need to do: 1. Shuffle your deck・ Each game of Magic is between randomized decks.

2. Draw seven cards・ These seven cards will be your opening hand, the spells most readily available in your mind・ 3. Make a decision・ Do you want to keep the hand or not? Magic duels allow you the opportunity⁷ to mulligan (or re-do) hands that will not play well. While good mulligan discipline will only be built over time, a good rule of thumb is that you want a mix of lands and spells that give you the opportunity to sculpt a battle plan over the first few turns of the game ・ 牛 If you don't like the 7 cards you've drawn, shuffle them back into your deck and re-draw a new hand with one less card・ You may do this as many times as you like, though it's not recommended to go below four starting cards・ 5. Prepare for battle. Once you've drawn your hand, you will be ready to battle・

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