Timmy (mtg proxy magic the gathering proxy mtg cards)

The smoke above a burning battlefield parts, and a titanic hellkite emerges
at the speed of lightning. Its roar brings a storm of fire, and the ground is
washed by a smoldering inferno. Timmy rides the immense monster to
victory, crushing his opponents with awesome might.

Timmy is attracted to explosive damage, devastating kills, and sure wins.
Timmy,s creatures threaten with big power, lasting toughness, and a
monstrous gaze. His spells have profound effect, changing the scope of a
game with a gush of mana. When a Timmy deck reaches its full power, his
opponents moan in fear.

Timmy does not want to hear about the cost; he is confident in his spells.
He knows that, once his gigantic dragon hits the field, his victory is
assured. Unfortunately, an overconfident Timmy can be thwarted by their
cunning enemies. When a Timmy player does win, though, they win big. If
this sounds like your style of play, you should know how to maximize your
power as well as your defense.

How to Play like Timmy

By the nature of Timmy,s powerful magic, he will most likely use a Mid-
Range deck that will impact the match around the sixth turn of the game.
He will want to get to that massive spell as quickly as possible, so Timmy
will need smaller creatures and / or artifacts that will act as mana sources,
accelerating his mana growth.

Timmy knows how easily a permanent can perish, so he may also favor a
Control deck. With patience, Timmy will proceed through the game waiting until the right moment to unleash his full power. In the meantime, Timmy will destroy his opponent^ forces and deny their best spells. A Timmy player will first be drawn to the big creatures. Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre¹, one of the heaviest and most fearsome creatures, is a great example. It is hard to approach the mana cost for such a spell without dependable mana sources such as Sylvan Caryatid. In addition, Timmy makes good use of damage spells such as Crater's Claws岂 a destructive sorcery that gains a higher damage potential as Timmy gathers monsters and mana. Protective spells will also interest Timmy, who will find that his threatening permanents often become big targets. Planeswalker spells like Jace. Architect of Thoughts, protect the player by drawing attackers and disturbing the battlefield. Rewind is a four-mana counterspell that untaps the easterns lands, allowing Timmy to withstand an attack and come back for more. A player like Timmy may be upset by hasty Aggro decks or impenetrable Control decks. Pyroclasm⁴ is a fiery solution that will terminate a squad of creatures with just one card. Enchantment cards are clever ways to slow down Timmy,s creatures and mana ramp, so consider Sundering Growths or Back to Nature^. 

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