Top 10 Best Izzet Commanders in MTG – 10. Neera, Wild Mage

Blue-red is one of the most popular color combinations in Commander, and tends to attract a specific type of player: those who love to play on the stack, rather than on the battlefield. That’s not to say Izzet decks can’t dominate the board – they certainly can – but spellslingers of all kinds are well-served by blue card draw and countermagic supported by red removal and interaction. Additionally, if you’re looking to play an artifact-based deck, it’s tough to go past some of the synergies available in the Izzet colors! Here are the top 10 Izzet commanders available to you right now.

  1. Neera, Wild Mage
    In the abstract, Neera is all about chaos. You cast a spell, and who knows what will actually resolve – that’s up to the randomness of your top-decks! In reality, however, Neera is a lot less of a Wild Mage and more of a Carefully Planning Mage, because Neera decks generally “cheat” on her ability to make sure it hits something juicy. Cards like Brainstorm, Telling Time and Consider let you set up your library, as well as being cheap instants you can use to trigger Neera on opposing turns. From there, you hit things like Hullbreaker Horror, Etali, Primal Storm or new addition One with the Multiverse – not bad for one mana!

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