Top 10 Best Keywords in MTG – 2. Sword of the Animist

Reliable, repeatable ramp, in colorless, at an affordable rate? Sword of the Animist does it all – it even offers a minor stat boost that can be critical in enabling early attacks once this is on the field. It doesn’t take too many swings with Sword of the Animist to really pull ahead on mana (especially if you’re using that extra mana to cast more ramp spells), and I love including this card in creature-oriented decks that can make good use of Equipment and don’t have too many slots for acceleration. At four mana to play and equip Sword of the Animist, you probably need to get two attacks in for it to be “worth it,” but from there it feels a lot better than something like an Explosive Vegetation – if you play your cards right, you can easily get four to six lands off a Sword of the Animist.

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