Top 10 Best Showcase Frames in Magic The Gathering – #3 Throne of Eldraine Storybook Showcase

I love children’s literature, and the greatest joy of kids’ books is being transported into a new world through illustrations that are so evocative and immersive they almost seem to be alive. The Throne of Eldraine (and likely Wilds of Eldraine) Storybook Showcase managed to capture the lost joy of children’s picture books, with Alayna Danner’s Realm-Cloaked Giant, Josu Hernaiz’s Rimrock Knight, Nick Southam’s Beanstalk Giant, and so many more. My personal favorite is, without a doubt, Jeremy Wilson’s Embereth Shieldbreaker — all of his work is astonishing, but the Eldraine storybook showcase does exactly what it sets out to do, drawing you into this fairytale work.

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