Top 10 Most Expensive MTG Cards in Morningtide – 6. Door of Destinies

Another terrific card, Door of Destinies is both enormously popular and – in my view, at least – still underrated. Despite seeing play in creature type decks from Edgar Markov to The First Sliver, it still isn’t played enough. I hear the argument that it’s “too slow”, but if Edgar Markov decks play this card, your aggressive creature deck can too. As a big fan of creature type-based decks, I believe this card to be criminally underplayed, and, believe it or not, feel that $15 is actually cheap for Door of Destinies. If you play a deck that shares a lot of one creature type, buy this card and put it in your 99, and do it before everyone else does, before the price is jacked up beyond belief.

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