Top 10 Most Expensive MTG Cards in Urza’s Legacy – 10. Quicksilver Amulet

Examining a set like Urza’s Legacy is very interesting today, given that a slew of recent reprints have brought cards from this old set back to the forefront of people’s minds. Between The Brothers’ War and Dominaria Remastered, many old cards are being reprinted – some for the very first time – and it’s fascinating to see the impact this has (or doesn’t have) on the prices of old cards. Then you’ve got Reserved List cards on top of that, so getting across the financials of an old set like Urza’s Legacy is really engaging. Let’s have a look at its top 10 cards!

  1. Quicksilver Amulet

I didn’t realize Quicksilver Amulet had been around for so long – my first encounter with this card was the M12 version, in a 67-card Angel-themed kitchen table deck that used it to cheat cards like Herald of War into play. Now that’s value. All the same, this card is absolutely not worth buying for $9.50. Why? Because not only is the M12 version $4 and falling, there’s an old-bordered version available for $1 thanks to The Brothers’ War Retro Frame Artifacts. Unless you really, really like this weird lion art, Urza’s Legacy Quicksilver Amulets are a hard pass.

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