Top 10 Most Overrated Cards in Commander MTG – 2. Reliquary Tower

Reliquary Tower is overrated for a few reasons. Like Temple of the False God, you might consider it “free” to play – and yes, more so than the Temple, it is “free.” At least it taps for mana, no matter what, even if its ability isn’t relevant. But I see this in three, four and five-color decks, and I can’t believe it – playing a colorless land in a deck with stringent mana is a huge cost to pay, make no mistake. And, worst of all as far as I’m concerned, is that you don’t want more than seven cards in hand. Sure, from a “winning the game” and “playing optimally” perspective you do, but Reliquary Tower (and any other no maximum hand size effects, for that matter), have a second, hidden ability that absolutely sucks: they slow games down to a crawl while the player with 20 cards in hand tried to decide which one to cast. Cut this card, cut Thought Vessel, cut all your no maximum hand size cards and do the table the courtesy of keeping the game moving.

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