Top 10 Most Overrated Cards in Commander MTG – 4. Arcane Denial

I will never, ever understand why anyone plays Arcane Denial. This card is absolutely terrible, but because it’s a hard counter that costs two mana, it gets a free pass. There’s nothing free about this card at all, except the free Divination you’re giving to your opponent! Play Counterspell, play Negate, play Disdainful Stroke, even play Remand – all of these, and so many other two-mana counterspells, are better than Arcane Denial. Giving your opponent two fresh cards in exchange for countering their spell, even if you’re not down on cards afterwards, is never worth it, and you shouldn’t fall for it when people tell you that it is. Cut this card and buy a copy of Censor if you have to, because at least that card will actually do something when you cycle it away.

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