Top 10 Most Overrated Cards in Commander MTG – 7. Signets in Green Decks

Maybe I’m completely wrong about this, but I will never understand why anyone playing green plays a Signet or Talisman before they play Rampant Growth or Farseek. Mana rocks are vulnerable to incidental artifact removal (of which there is plenty in Commander), they power up opposing Dockside Extortionists and all their fragility and other drawbacks aren’t shared when you simply play a ramp spell instead. Maybe Rampant Growth makes your opponent’s Knight of the White Orchid better, or their Deep Gnome Terramancer, but these cards are marginal at best, whereas artifact removal and Dockside Extortionist are mainstays. In any green deck I play, I will cut mana rocks for ramp spells in a heartbeat.

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