White Mana – White mana is derived from the open (magic proxy cards the gathering)

1. White Mana - White mana is derived from the open
     fields and plains and is the color of order, balance,
     justice, and law・ White magicians believe in the
     whole being greater than the self. White is the color
     of well-disciplined armies with each unit boosting
     the other so that the overall goal is achieved・ With
     white's focus on balance and healing, many of its
     spells will only temporarily deal with problem
     creatures instead of killing them outright・ White
     mages also have access to aresef, spells that will
     wipe the entire board of spells that have been cast,
     even those cast by the White mage herself.
 2.   Blue Mana 一 Blue mana comes from islands, rivers,       and oceans・ It is also the color of intellect,       knowledge, creation, and the triumph of the       individual. As water is easily malleable, blue mages       seek to manipulate the mind—both their o、\ n as well       as that of their opponents・ Blue is the primary       home of spells that will stop your opponents⁹ spells       from taking place while also allowing the most       manipulation of your mind (as represented in game       terms by your library ) allowing you to draw and  move cards within vour library⁷. 15 Swamps are the source of black mana 3. Black Mana — Black mana is taken from the dankest       swamps and places i*ife with decay and corruption・       Black magic is the magic of death, corruption, and       power at all costs・ Black mages will make deals with       the devil and will hurt anyone and anything in order       to gain access to the knowledge and power they       seek・ Black is the color of winning, no matter the       cost and all who don't like it can be damned・ 16 Mountains are the source of red mana Red Mana - Red mana flows like lava from the mountains and, like a volcano, is very unpredictable・ Red is the color of raw, fiery emotion, of elemental forces, chaos, and passion・ Red mages defy order and conventional wisdom and instead blaze their own path・ Leaning more towards acting than thinking, red magic can be random, chaotic, and change very quickly・ 
 5- Green Mana 一 Green is the color of growth and       green mana comes from the depths of lush forests・       Green mages care about natural order, life, and       evolution・ They believe that natural selection will       produce the best creature for any given task. A       green mage will rely more on creatures than       practitioners of different colors, feeling that large       predators will take down the biggest game, namely       the other Planesvvalkers opposing her・ 
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