Blightsteel Colossus extended art 2xm double masters foil magic the gathering proxy mtg cards Top Quality

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    Our Proxies are Made by Black core paper, used offset Printer to mass print.
    card thickness is the same as authentics, can do rip test, bend test, water test, light test. feels almost the same as originals
    They are perfect for casual fun play, FNM play, Tournament play, and if double sleeved Grand Prix is passable.
    We are mtg proxy producer. who sell magic the gathering proxies directly, to all over the world.

    Any card you want but not found at this site,
    please shoot email to [email protected] to remind seller to mass produce it asap.

    Any other questions, please click “FAQ” at top of this page,
    or click “LET’S CHAT” button at left bottom of this page, to chat with us instantly.

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    for foil cards, you could view the youtube video to see how it shines. how the foiling looking:


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    Weight 2 kg
    Dimensions 88 × 63 × 1 mm

    3 reviews for Blightsteel Colossus extended art 2xm double masters foil magic the gathering proxy mtg cards Top Quality

    1. wishmaster87

      Item was of the most splendiferous quality. Swift delivery. Service was exalted.

    2. abrahamauscologne

      Among other cards, I ordered this one here. I really didn’t expect much, but I still ordered with a friend of mine. Everything was super perfect!

      1) Very fast, very responsive support via mail. You’re informed about every step and can contact anytime.
      2) Shipping to Germany without any issues in less than 2 weeks.
      3) Cards were very well packaged and protected.
      4) Card quality is sursprisingly good. I bought all cards for casual use (EDH/Commander and Cube drafting) and many look and feel unexpectedly good! The foiling in this case is also really, really good! I guess some of the cards could easily pass in the tournament environment, if you really want to (maybe combine them with Dragon Shield inner sleeves smoke).

      Overall, a very positive experience, from ordering up to sleeving the cards personally. If you have any issues, feel free to contact rylease and their also very open about further card suggestions. 🙂

    3. William Bowen (verified owner)

      I only waited 10 days to get my order, which is faster than many larger sites, and the quality is perfection. Do yourself a favor and get the foil treatments, get the extended arts. For what you are paying, this far exceeds my expectations.

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