Gaea’s Cradle Urza’s Saga magic the gathering proxy mtg cards Top Quality

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    Our Proxies are Made by Black core paper, used offset Printer to mass print.
    card thickness is the same as authentics, can do rip test, bend test, water test, light test. feels almost the same as originals
    They are perfect for casual fun play, FNM play, Tournament play, and if double sleeved Grand Prix is passable.
    We are mtg proxy producer. who sell magic the gathering proxies directly, to all over the world.

    Any card you want but not found at this site,
    please shoot email to [email protected] to remind seller to mass produce it asap.

    Any other questions, please click “FAQ” at top of this page,
    or click “LET’S CHAT” button at left bottom of this page, to chat with us instantly.

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    Weight 2 kg
    Dimensions 88 × 63 × 1 mm

    8 reviews for Gaea’s Cradle Urza’s Saga magic the gathering proxy mtg cards Top Quality

    1. nick-231

      I used to own one of these but I had to sell it. Now I have a nice and cheap replica!
      Fits right into the deck and it being double-sleeved looks just like the real one.

    2. LuA87

      Brillant colors, better than original

    3. Benoit Marleau

      As a commander player playing on a budget, I ordered a couple of proxies over the years through different store and Proxy king as the best value for money I have found so far. I have always appreciated the service and shipping as always been surprisingly fast considering I live in Canada. As for the cards, they are as close as a real card I¡¯ve seen so far. There is sometime some slight tint nuance compared to the real card, but it¡¯s honestly hardly noticeable (especially with the varying quality of WoTC card as of late). These proxy will go unnoticed in your playgroup especially if you play with sleeve. Do note that the cards do have a different feel to touch, but are still easy to shuffle without sleeves.

    4. Christopher Hall (verified owner)

      good looking cards!

    5. calbino1214 (verified owner)

      So many things have impressed me that has made ryleasemtg the best proxy site to lean towards. Between the card quality, ink, text, color and even FOILING! Yes, you know you will probably never spend hundreds of dollars on cardboard because life gets in the way. But this manufacturer kind of fills that void. And in the end you still get to have a good time playing magic with your friends.

    6. Evan Duke (verified owner)

    7. Paul C. (verified owner)


    8. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Almost perfect – very little difference with the original (sky blue is a bit too clear)

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